Jason Clarke

Managing Director

Jason purchased Homershams in September 2016 from Mark and Anne Evans.

Jason has been involved in the engineering sector ever since completing an electrical apprenticeship in late 80's. With an ever-increasing interest in engineering and NZEC was completed within the power systems and control system disciplines.

Initial opportunities were taken in the dairy sector, and being born and bred in Hamilton there was no shortage of dairy. Whilst working as a project engineer, experience was gained within dairy, and later the brewing industry. It was with this experience gained an opportunity was presented to join a project team designing and building dairy factory in East Victoria, Australia.

Further opportunities presented themselves while working in Australia, and this allowed time to be spent in the water and waste water industry on some large global water treatment projects. These projects allowed for the great OE to be undertaken.

Joanne Atkinson

General Manager

Joanne trained as an avionics technician with the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

During her eight years with the RNZAF Joanne worked on various aircraft including the Strikemasters in Ohakea and the Airtrainers in Christchurch. Joanne especially enjoyed being an integral member of the maintenance team for the Red Checkers Aerobatics Squad.

In 1989 Joanne left the Air Force to become a junior instrument technician at Homersham Ltd working in the service department repairing instrumentation. Her air force instrument training coupled with her training on a wide variety of industrial instrumentation at Homershams meant Joanne became very knowledgeable in her chosen field.

Joanne progressed through the ranks to senior technician before moving into the customer service / inside sales area.

Over time Joanne progressed from customer service to administration and management. Her knowledge and understanding of all facets of the business lead to her appointment as General Manager in 2001.

In her spare time, Joanne enjoys computers, gaming and socialising with her family and friends.

Andrea Jones

Customer Services

Andrea joined Homershams in March 2016

Andrea has worked in different areas of the printing industry for 25 years and has been involved with offset, flexographic, letterpress and screen printing.

She has worked in estimating and customer service roles both in New Zealand and Australia.

She has dealt with customers in many different industries from service and manufacturing to primary producers and from individuals to large corporate clients.

Andrea enjoys helping customers solve their problems.

She is in her third decade of married life with one teenager at home, and can now drive to work in 8 minutes.

Veronica Voon

Customer Services

Veronica joined the Homershams team in March 2024.

Veronica is from Malaysia, a country where you can get summer all year round and a diversity of food. She has learned to appreciate the sun since coming to New Zealand because she knows the weather here is no joke.

Veronica has worked in the building services and oil & gas industry previously and has more than 5 years of experience in customer service, consultancy, and business development areas.

Veronica is always on the tracks or in the gym in her spare time to pay off the food debt.

Joshua Jourdain

Calibration Technician

Josh joined the Homershams team in May 2019.

After completing high school, Josh went on to study at the university of Canterbury, gaining diplomas in both business and Human resource management. Whilst he was studying, Josh worked in commercial print, where he developed an interest in mechanics. He then went on to work in mechanical testing, specifically in pressure, for 6 years becoming an IANZ approved signatory. This is where he developed a further interest in testing and calibration.

When Josh isn’t at work he enjoys getting outdoors running the local Canterbury tracks and hills. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Aidan Lindsay

Calibration Technician

Aidan joined the Homershams team in Nov 2002

Aidan was born and bred in Christchurch and started as a school leaver at Homershams in 2002. It became apparent very quickly that Aidan is great at most things technical.

From his early days as a lab assistant Aidan is now proficient at every aspect of the Homersham’s laboratory. He is an IANZ authorised signatory and Quality manager for the lab. Aidan is regularly seen on the road doing on site IANZ calibrations at companies throughout Canterbury and the South Island.

Aidan spends his spare time playing games on his Xbox which he excels at. Aidan recently bought a house which he shares with flatmates.

Hamish Cramption

Trainee Calibration Technician

Pete McCarthy

Technical Sales Rep

I served an ‘old fashioned apprenticeship’ as a Fitter & Turner at Andersons Engineering in Christchurch back in the 80’s. Worked on Anderson and Vekos steam boilers as well as several of Mr Muldoons’ ‘Think Big’ projects such as the Tiwai Point Extension and Marsden Point Refinery.

I picked up some skills regarding fluid distribution, basic electrical and refrigeration principals, during spells as a Service Technician for Coca Cola and then Lion Breweries, where I transitioned into a Sales & Marketing role.

I owned a local pub for a big chunk of the 2000’s but have now migrated into the instrumentation and water treatment sector, firstly with Aqua by Davey (a subsidiary of Davey Pumps) and now Homershams.

I get a kick out of learning about new technology and offering robust solutions to our customers. Its achieving that classic Win / Win outcome that bumps me out of bed in the morning!

Outside of work I stay very active; Dogs, Lawns, Fishing, Cooking, Reading, not to mention the other chores that Mrs Mac finds for me now that our nest is empty (of humans at least). When I do sit down, I like to plug into my ‘life support system’, AKA Sky Sports, and can hold a deep conversation regarding most sports, especially Premier League Football. Yes, my name is Peter I am a staunch Evertonian…… but that is a whole other subject!

Greg Major

Technical Sales Rep

Experienced Technical Sales Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the industrial automation industry. Skilled in Sales, Account Management, Product Marketing, Product Development, and Engineering. Strong sales professional graduated from Advanced Infrared Resources.

Well Linked In did a pretty good job summing me up there and I'd be struggling to do better...but, I will add a couple of things. Firstly, and most unusually I'm a Myers Briggs INFJ; that's very unusual for sales. It means that I care more about feeling like I'm doing well and am being appreciated than just getting "runs on the board". Sales folk are normally "A-type" personality's or an Exxxx Myer Briggs but I'm not.

I have an eidetic memory for technical specifications and (less usefully) song lyrics but it makes me fun sometimes. Around the office I sing; often badly, sometimes passably. I know the entire libretto of Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore and can sing 99% of it including, "I'm called little Buttercup" which is a sight to behold for a 6ft 3" fat man.

I'm a nerd to the nth degree. I live for technology which is at once terribly sad and and terribly good. Digital audio is where the 2 streams of music and tech meet and feed my passion. I vaguely understand how the SINC function windows the samples which convert analogue to digital and have a passing understanding of the Nyquist theorem and sample rates vs signal to noise.

If you haven't picked it up already, I'm quirky. I can't spell for sh*t and everywhere i drive I use GPS. Whatever gene codes for direction finding was excised or never existed in my genome to begin with. I cook well, and eat better (told you I was fat). years ago I got super excited when I learned about the Malliard reaction that creates flavonoids and browns food. Every time I sear chicken I think of it.

I am a headphone aficionado. I have seven pairs ranging OK to quite good, but lust for better. Sennheiser HD800's or Audezee LCD3's.

I'm very hard on myself, and I love too much and too recklessly. But passion and enthusiasm I have in spades. I'm very verbal. If I'm expert at the subject, I rather enjoy public speaking. I was perhaps a teacher in a past life. This flys in the face of my INFJ personality, but it is what it is.

I'm enjoying marketing. LinkedIn and writing the company newsletter scratches that itch. The muse will come upon me at times not of my choosing, and I write about product or engineering and it's worked well.

03 358 8309