Homershams are the Master New Zealand Distributor for Permabond Engineering Adhesives and have been servicing the adhesive needs of New Zealand Industry for over 60 years. Permabond® is a leading manufacturer of engineering adhesives, supplying high quality industrial adhesives to customers worldwide. Permabond® offers an extensive range of Anaerobic (threadlockers, retaining compounds, pipe sealants and gasketing), Cyanoacrylate (instant or super glue), Epoxy, Acrylic and UV-curable adhesives.


Temperature is the most measured variable in process industries and is often the most critical factor within the process. An inaccurate measurement, however small, can have a detrimental effect and impact product quality, energy consumption and efficiency.


Pressure is one of the most measured variables in many industry segments. Pressure can be defined as the force acting upon an area, with the force applied being spread equally over the surface area, and not to a single point. The pressure applied to a surface depends on both the compression level of the media and the surface area size.


We supply a wide range of level instruments and have a comprehensive process to determine the right product for your application. We’ll take into account the media’s physical aspects and a range of other important parameters.

Flow measurement is generally defined as the quantification of any bulk fluid movement. The ‘fluid’ can be liquid, solid, gaseous, or a combination. There are many reasons you might need to measure flow, and we can help you decide the best method and device for your application.


The Analytics category includes products used to analyse a process or parameter. This includes dataloggers, process calibrators and instruments to measure Gas, Sound & Light.


This category covers some of Homershams specialty products. This includes Murphy Engine Protection, Valves, Actuators & Handheld Tachos.


But even the highest performing measurement instruments drift over time, due to vibration, pulsation, harsh environments, handling errors, temperature changes, or dirt and chemicals in the ambient air.

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Homershams Expertise and Service

Homersham Ltd (0800 659 888) specialises in the supply of industrial instrumentation and engineering adhesives. Homershams is renowned for first rate technical expertise in industrial measurement and process control. Selling and servicing products to measure, log and control temperature, pressure, flow level, humidity, sound, pH and more.

From their Christchurch offices they support customers throughout New Zealand.

Homershams are open every day except weekends and statutory holidays. See the contact us page for urgent assistance.

Homersham’s are 100% NZ Owned and have been supporting New Zealand business for over 70 years


Briton Infrared

I wish to thank Teltherm and Homershams for their service and advice, ensuring that I have the right equipment for my business. I would particularly like to thank you for the terrific after sales support.

Tony Eggleton

SGS NZ Ltd (Westport)

I would just like to congratulate the team at Homershams for such efficient and prompt service. Always very helpful with any product enquiries. Thanks to Dave especially.

Julie Halligan
Environmental Laboratory Technician

Brightwater Service

I should start by thanking you for all of the news you are sending to us in all these newsletters.

Iulian Coraci
Senior Design Engineer

Couplands Bakeries

Hello Greg, I must make mention that I have had great feedback regarding your talk to the Food Safety Guild earlier this month. It was informative and I am sure surprisingly for many, given the topic, entertaining. Our Guild President and I have had a chat with our Training Coordinator, about including this level of practical skill in the Quality Assurance qualifications we have been developing. So, if you are at all amenable, we will be calling on you in the not-too-distant future to both re-present this talk and to help us with the skills requirement for this very important area of food safety. Thank you.

Chris Gourlie
National Food Quality Manager

Intertek Commodities

In response to your article, published in the June 2013 edition of DEMM, let me say that I am pleased that, via this write-up and your subsequent elaborations, that I have gained a lot more understanding in using my IR-camera. I am looking forward to using this tool with greater confidence: Thank You Greg !

Wolfgang R.Janata
Chemical and Process Engineer

75 Years

In 2021 Homershams celebrated 75 years of serving New Zealand customers. The company was established by Brian Homersham in 1946 and was initially called B. R. Homersham Ltd (BRH). For a full history follow the link.

Our Brands

Homershams represent a number of well-known brands in New Zealand.

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